The Unwithering Power of Words

The power of words is something I think I understand.

When you can not see the face of the person speaking, the tone, which portrayed through the diction and syntax, is the way to hear the words. The way the words brush your ears with their deeper meanings and the forever nauseating way of penetrating that part of yourself that you don't peek at too often but, sometimes, words fucking suck. 

Words can cause harm and bring distasteful rings to our eyes when reading them. A never ending cycle of torture in the form of daggers from the language that connect us all. So many metaphors being thrown in our faces at our times of need; none more comforting than the next. 

Although words can create harm and terror in our souls when spoken by the ones we love most, words and language bring us all from the far parts of the universe. The gravity is not only scientific but the spiritual power that keeps our feet on the ground. 

Just a thought I had. Hope this finds you in a place of peace where the words surrounding you are positive and kind. 

If not, please let this be a little push to explain to those around you that sometimes, they need to shut the fuck up and move on with their lives. 

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