Perspective | Part One.

I'm currently laying in a pillow cocoon on my bed, watching Justin Escalona's vlog, Daily Docs, thinking about this upcoming school year. 
I don't usually look forward to school as much as I did this summer. I wanted to be back on campus, with my friends, learning new shit and doing the stuff I love. I waited for Sept 7th to come so I could get back into the groove of my college life. 

I'll be honest, college is the best thing that ever happened to me. . . other than anxiety medication. Anyway, yes, college has been the catalyst for so much in my life. I put myself out there socially more than I ever have. I was lucky if in the past I had two friends, now I have a group of friends that accept me for me and nothing else. It's awesome. 

I've become not only social, but my ability to adapt and to change is starting to grow. It's an incredibly slow growth for me, but it's happening. With this change going on inside of me I'm learning that perspective is going to be huge for me this year. 

I will gain a lot of perspective from making sure I make myself my number one priority and not anything that will not aid me in becoming the person I want to be. I guess that is where I feel my growth, my maturity - whatever you want to call it, will happen. Also, my mom thinks so too and she's always right, so case closed. 

It's not going to easy. I'm a workaholic. If I could work from 7 am to 9 pm everyday for the rest of my life and not physically or mentally worn out, I would. I know that's not a possibility, and I know this from experience because that is literally what I did for the majority of last year. It was fun as hell, I will not deny that but I don't know if I can do that again. 

Would I want to? I'm not sure and I think that's why perspective is gonna be a critical thing. I have a feeling I'm going to be asking this question to myself a lot this year - is this what is best for me? 

I don't know but I'm ready to find out. 
Join me. 

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