Well it's been a while...

It has been about a year since I posted something last on here - oops. 

I hope you all have been well, I've had a hell of a year. I became the editor of my former* college's newspaper so that's mainly where I've been writing for the past two years. In result, I neglected this little place on the internet that you all support (I don't understand why) and I'm sorry for that. 

But things are going to change, sort of. I want to write more and since I have this lovely little spot, (and more free time if we're really being honest), I'll be popping up on your feeds time and again. In the past, I have guaranteed posts every week, bi-weekly, etc, and have always come short on that front so I'm not promising anything. I still can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing but for now, it is what it is. 

I have so much to catch you all up on - way too much to include in this post. But don't worry, you'll hear all the little tales of me trying to learn to be an adult and all the marvelous things that come along with that like taxes and budgeting. Fun, right?!? For now, though, I'll provide you with a little, and vague, list of my top moments this year to tide you over till I speak with you next.  

Top Moments of 2017 (so far)
  1. Becoming the editor of my college's newspaper (long story)
  2. Getting ousted from being the editor of my college's newspaper (even longer story) 
  3. Spontaneous trip with my Mom 
  4. Turning 20 - oh my god.
  5. Making friends, some old and revisited and some brand new 
  6. Getting a puppy 
  7. Going to a Newspaper Convention and the NY Times 
  8. Creating a side hustle - pssst, follow it on Instagram! 

Talk to you all soon!
*I'll explain that, too.
** I've also hidden the old cringey posts I wrote as a 16 year old so HA! 

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